Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's A Tough Job, But SOMEONE Has To Do It!

Gotta love John.

John has worked his way up the food chain at a local stripper club over the years. A big, imposing figure, he started as the custodian/barboy/right-hand man and eventually worked his way up to owning three clubs.

John's demanding and asks a lot from his "girls", mostly Russians from Brooklyn, who get chauffeured in by these Russian men who seem to have their cell phones surgically attached to their ears.

Every Valentine's Day, he orders a singing telegram for his girls at all the clubs and gives them roses. Apparently, it's one of the least-busiest evenings of the year; all the guys are home with their wives or girlfriends and the dancers don't make much money.

So I go in at midnight, stand on stage with them, serenade them in my Red Heart ( after telling them I have a "heart on" for them), grab the dance pole, and distribute roses. And THEY give ME tips!

This past Sunday, March 8th, was International Women's Day, a Holiday in Russia (International Women's Day). It's a cross between Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

John missed Valentine's Day this year and called me at 6:00 this past Saturday, begging me (yes, he begged me to sing to his naked dancers!) to go to his clubs later that night and once again sing to his girls, recognizing the Russian Holiday, and thanking them for working so hard.

How could I say no?

My wife does insist on one thing; I sing..........and then leave promptly after!