Monday, December 31, 2012

'Gram of the Week (9/19/11 - 9/25/11)


Deb Silver's husband, Steven loves her .......a lot! They live in England and split their time commuting back and forth between Manchester and New York City. Tall and beautiful, a la Diana Rigg, Deb is a lyricist/composer and a jazz singer who headlines at the Zinc Bar in NYC. Steven is Steven Stone of Steven Stone Jewellers in the United Kingdom. (

This year's birthday found them separated with Steven working in England and Deb performing in NYC, while celebrating with her girlfriends at their New York pied-รก-terre. Deb and Steven met 30 years ago in their 20's, split up, then met again two years ago, before finally getting married last year.

Here's a music video clip of Deb's homage to Steven after finding each other again. She wrote her own lyrics to the Beatles' "Got To Get You Into My Life" and spiced it up with choreography mixed with pictures of them throughout the years.

Steven decided to return the favor by having me show up in tuxedo to her apartment in NYC and sing one of the ballads from her act. I upped the ante by personalizing the song to that tune ("Time Heals Everything" from Mack and Mabel). This time, Deb ends up being on the receiving end of a torch song.

(sung to the tune of "Time Heals Everything")

Steven's 'cross the "pond"
No disputing.
Back and forth, you're fond
Of commuting.
30 years ago, met, it's said.
Split, then met again
Now, you're wed!

He's enthralled with you
Like no other.
To his children
The best stepmother

Today it's you he's thinking of
It won't be long now till October
To Hale you'll be going over.

Happy Birthday, Deb
Steven sends this with
All his love.