Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'Gram of the Week (12/12/11 - 12/18/11)


Kelly and Matt are celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Their daughter, Madison is finally 18 and old enough to vote…..and go as far, far away as she can from her crazy family!

Matt’s business partner in advertising decided to send a chicken singing telegram to the family to wish a Happy Birthday AND a Happy Anniversary.

So imagine, if you will, a cold night in December, up in Ridgefield, CT.  It’s not exactly dinner hour. It’s more like 9:00 PM and it’s dark up in Ridgefield. The last thing you’d expect at your front door is a chicken. But there I was in full plumage. 

Madison, is applying to colleges; all on the west coast. She’s let her family know that’s where she’s going and that’s where she’s staying.  In truth, Matt and Kelly are from Santa Barbara originally. That’s where they met, as a matter of fact; in high school.

Also, there is a woman named Deborah Ann, who has a chocolate shop in town and everyone in this family has worked for her at some point.

I got to announce that in the morning, Matt was taking Kelly away to Turks and Caicos for three days, leaving Madison in charge of her two younger sisters. How’s THAT for a Birthday present, Maddy?

I quickly got the “flock” out of there, hearing Madison protesting as I drove away.


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